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Remove Oil Without Messing Out Your Makeup, anytime & Anywhere!

"It works! Im surprised of how well it works. I first saw this on tiktok and it looks like it worked very well in the video that I watched. I use oil blotting sheets a lot and I work but I thought if this rollerball works it would be way more convenient as it is reusable and washable. This does not move your makeup at all and it literally makes your face look completely matte, soaking up all of the oil! Super easy to clean."

Leah Amber

25 yrs. old, London



Instantly removes excess oil on your face and restore clean and matte skin without messing out your makeup.

How It Works?

The magic’s in the real volcanic stone. Volcanic stones have little pockets of porous holes to trap oils like a magnet and mattify your skin instantly. Volcanic stone rolls across face to soak up excess oil instantly for fresh, shine-free skin any time.

What To Expect:

  • Fresh, shine-free skin any time

  • Removes bacteria causing acne

  • Mattifies oily skin in flash

  • Minimizes your pores

    Won’t mess your makeup after use

How To Use It:

1. You just need to aim it gently at the oily area on your face and gently roll and massage it to easily absorb the excess oil. 

2. After use, cover the lid and put it back to the original place without occupying any space.

3. When cleaning, twist the roller’s ring to unlock, then take out the volcanic stone, wash it with warm water and detergent, Just air dry, then lock it and it can be used again.

Here’s Why BYMCF Volcanic Stone is Taking the TikTok by Storm:

  • 2-in 1, massages and mattifies face at the same time.

  • Easy to use and to clean.

  • Removes face oil without messing your makeup in seconds.

    Portable and reusable.

  • Much better than blotting papers.

To Say Thank You

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What's Included:

  • 1 pc. of Oil Absorbing Volcanic Stone

  • Volcanic Stone Holder


7% of all proceeds donated to Oxfam. Oxfam is a confederation of 19 independent charitable organizations focusing on the alleviation of global poverty.

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